Regent Street Cinema, London
Paul started playing the piano when he was four years old. Later progressing to electronic organs at the age of six, and then his first cinema organ when he was just ten.
He played before the films and during the intervals for a week at the Regal Cinema in Eastleigh, while the regular organist was on holiday.
Around this time, Paul also started to play regularly in pubs and clubs around his home town of Southampton. Learning to accompany singers who were uncertain of their best key or even at times the melody of the song they were singing!
Through a chance meeting with the Mayor of Southampton, Paul was introduced to the massive dual-console Compton organ in Southampton Guildhall. At first he played for civic functions and interval music at miltary band and other concerts, but after a few years, Paul gave three concerts on the organ, using both consoles (known as the Variety console and the Concert or Classical console).
Paul was also playing regularly at local organ clubs and private concerts on a home installation of the ABC Southampton Compton organ on the outskirts of Southampton.
Choosing to pursue a career in telecommunications and raise a family, Paul didn't become fully involved in the organ world until more recently. He now has more time and the enthusiasm to travel more and play more organs. To this end, with help from the Theatre Organ Club, Paul has given concerts around the South of England and as far north as Hampton-in-Arden in the Midlands.